A new version of google home with animated eye expressions


Voice assistant starts to become a daily thing at home today, and a new trend of human-computer interface in the future. But all of them basically remain as a virtual character behind a cold object with non emotional response. Our user expectations related to sensing and responding with emotion are unfulfilled by now, and it mentally disconnect user and machine in some level. In order to make voice assistant more delightful, attractive and engaging, my thesis project, Google-Qt, is an exploration of new voice assistant interface, that embody the assistant’s personality by animatronic eye expressions, react emotionally according to the contents of conversation. Eyes and eyebrows are the most important parts in facial expression system to effectively convey emotions. Different combinations between eye expressions and sentences even generate richer, funnier meaning of responses. As a result, google-qt is being as an example of showing the additional expressive possibilities with eyes to expand user experiences.