Midterm scene and final project storyboard

After I made the 3D model, I applied the animation on it and putted it into my scene.

Honestly I didn't spend too much time on this one, and I was focusing on figuring out a better story for our final project.

Then I drew this storyboard about "inappropriate love", that a little girl gets a plant, which is the user of VR headset, from her Mom, takes good care of it, hopes it will flower next spring. However, she loves it too much, waters it too much, keeps it too warm. The plant gradually died, and the little girl gets a new nice flower anyway. I hope people think about their ways of "love" after it.

It includes one character and several scenes of seasons and bedroom, can be experienced with water, heat, vibration, wind and smell . But I'm not sure it is too complicate or not.

Week04&05 - Create a character and make a simple story

I want to make a story that a girl grown up in a snow world without any color and this day she meet a pink bird telling her the colorful world outside.

I learned and created a 3D model in Blender. It took me lots of time since this is my first 3D modeling...

Then I tried to upload the model to Mixamo and get some animation, but somehow it didn't let me download, and the model lost colors/materials... 

Then, I don't have time to finish my story...

Week02 - Try "The lab" and build a scene in Unreal

About "The Lab"

This week I played “The Lab” from steam store, and I can touch something in the VR world now!

Things I like:

1. Sound is so important, even just about the wind. I feel disconnected immediately if I lose the headphone.
2. Vibration makes every thing feel real and amazing. 
3. Visions I can’t have in normal life or movie, such as standing in the middle of the universe and playing with the planets, feels more interesting.

 Things I don’t like:

1. I still can not see myself. I’m a no foot, no hand, no voice and no shadow camera with two handsets floating in the air.
2. I have to spend some time to figure out “what I can do” and “how to play” in each of the games/scenes. 
3. Some time I want to make collision of two objects in my hand, or smash them. But I can’t. There are too many possibilities in real life with our common sense, but we usually get stuck in VR because of the creator’s settings.

Build a scene - The City Square

Week01 - Try VR with Oculus

This is actually the first time I try some VR projects seriously. It’s both amazing and frustrated.

The amazing part is, of course, the world in that goggle is wider, deeper, less limited, and more controllable than any medium we’ve already been familiar with today. I can see the world in any direction I want. In <Dear Anjelica>, I can even lie down like the daughter or crouch down looking upside through the bed. I can see the left face of the mother but right face at the same time if I want to move a little. I can decide what I see, not just accept the things the director give to me. It is truly freedom that I can be in a brand new world that even not exist, like the 3D painting world of <Dear Anjelica>. It is truly enlarge the existing real world by let me see normal things in more possible ways, like the slow-motion scene in <showdown Demo> with 360 degree.

But we have to admit that VR is just a child now. The low resolution comparing to our phone screen, the uncomfortable head set, and the sense of insecurity when we can’t see the real world wearing the goggle. These are about hardware that we, as a ITPer, may not find out a solution. However, there are also something not good enough now but we may can make it better. For example, I just really want to wave my hand to <Henry> and make him realize me as a friend, to touch some particles in front of my eyes in <showdown Demo>. For now, I am just a camera in those scenes without any sense of presence, can not make any influence in that world,I even move like a camera in <showdown Demo> , not walk like a human. 

The last thing is, I felt a little confusing where the main story will happen when I can see the scene in 360 degree. I noticed that the director try to use sound to guide my attention, but turning my head around feels a little tired. So the 360 degree thing is kind of a challenge of storytelling in VR. How to make audience follow the plot easily without losing the freedom of exploring the whole world, or, should it has the plot anyway, it’s a big question for me.

Since VR has this much possibilities, we will never be satisfied with seeing a new world in it. As a human we have more senses than just vision, we want to feel more and take part in that world, with friends, not alone.