Week 07 - Materiality / Material Culture

I really like the idea that when you change the organization of one material, it will change the strength or character of it.


So I made some material by re-organizing bath tower, which is flushable, and try to have something both firm and easy to toss away


Week 06 - Social Design

I remember in the energy class we were talking about the air pollution in Beijing, and Despina asked about the design of the mask. Then I keep thinking about it, and feel like want to do something about it.


When the mask become their daily life, people lose their facial expressions. We can not feel the emotion of each other and can not express ourselves very well. Even we have some mask products they print image on it and feel like fun, but they are fixed patten and never change in a whole day. Then I have this idea that what if we put a screen on the mask and connect it to smart phone we addicted every moment (however I don't know how to achieve that). We change the image on the mask whenever we want to express ourselves, which will make the air pollution world less like a zombie world.

Week 05 - Energy and Sustainability

What is “energy”? Create a piece that communicates your relationship to energy

The relationship between human and energy mainly composed by food. I'm thinking about translate those energy generated by our daily life to food we need everyday. Then there is an idea of home farms.

Keep a log of all your “waste” and propose alternatives to your consumption/waste patterns

I care about waste problem for a long time, so I have already been used to collect and give some wastes alternative usage situation, especially after I came to ITP, where I need a lots of different materials for prototypes. I saved all the good paper or plastic package boxes and bags to reuse them, yogurt and ice cream jars, and cosmetic bottles to use as future containers. My roommates and I also collect all the market plastic bags as a reusable trash can bags, so that we don't need to buy more and waste more.

However, there is still a huge amount of other waste, most of them are food packages, food wastes and paper towers. We three girls throw away more than 5 bags of garbages per week. I have no idea how to give these waste an alternative use, or reduce the amount ... 

Week03 - Connectors: box in any size 2

Last time I made box in any size with single layer acrylic. But it will fall apart if you don't use glue. I want the box module pieces can be reused, so glue is not a good solution. I looked for some connection of flat pieces like wood floor and clamp.


Then I made this 3 layers module with two types of connectors, flat and rect.

Good news is it can support some weight now, bad news is not much weight. 

Week 02 - Module: make a box in any size

In ITP, lots of our projects need an enclosure, a box. But it's a little hard to decide the size of the box when you need more adjustment later. So, how about make a module that can help us make a box in any size, and change it easily.

The idea comes from the "enclosure" part in fabrication class last semester.

I was thinking about making a module that has less cutting part so that it has less problems on assembling.

The 'x' is the thickness of material, wood sheet, acrylic, cardboard, etc. Then people can cut many of this piece and assemble them. 


Week01 - Observation and A thing

“observation” for 7 days

  1. I notice that when I let my lamp light up at night, the reflections of me and my room on the window will overlap the lights came from all these buildings outside. It feels like I have a bunch of architectural models in my room. Or, I have the night sky in my room? Sounds romantic.
  2. I saw a new released amazing movie in Oculus VR called “Dear Anjelica”. It’s drawn by an artist with aVR illustration tool called “Quill”. The tool let you draw in real 3D space by waving your arms and hands in the air when you wearing the VR headset. You can change colors, brushes, and effects with the selection button in your handset. 
  3. Today is a snowing day. When I was waiting for the R train to school in the WTC station, there are some little white things fall off from ceiling. I thought they are dusts at first. Turns out they are snow flakes came from windows on top of my head. But the window has an angle hiding in the ceiling so I never noticed before. 
  4. I saw a foam human head model on a desk in our floor. It feel like a young girl but I don’t know why I get this feeling because it has no hair and no color. It has a kind of calm and peace facial expression, and Its cheek and forehead are glowing because the material reflect the surrounding light. It is so alive and beautiful with the foam texture on the surface.
  5. When I have class in room 50 and the professor was writing some notes on the white board. I notice that the board can’t be wiped up totally. I can recognize some notes from last class, and the class before. Hand writing over Hand writing, but no one care.
  6. Today when I get off the train and walking with all these strangers in the tunnel to exit the station, I feel so interesting that I can differentiate so many different kinds of shoes just from the sounds around me. Sneaker with low and light sound, Heigh heel with different sharp sound according to the hight, shape and material of the heel. It can make a music maybe.
  7. I have a so annoying toilet paper holder in my bathroom. It is a rod that the left head is fix to the wall, and the right head with a little bigger panel slightly lean down so that the toilet roll with gravity can be hold by the panel. The problem is, since the panel is smaller than the tube in the center of the paper roll, every time I pull the paper, it will roll and fall off the rod.


In this class I want to organize my mind about design, because I don't have any design education background and most of my ideas came from my instinct. So I was looking for something which can organize itself so that the processing can conduct the theme of "organization". Then the phenomenon, stratification, popped up in my mind. I bought a clear bottle and pour 3 materials with different density, which are olive oil, water with white pigment, and uncooked rice, into it. 

My brain before the class

My brain before the class

My brain after the class

My brain after the class