Final project proposal - pandora elevator

The space inside elevator is interesting because it's a closed little box living in a totally dark tunnel. The door is the only connector between this box and real word. The light inside the box is the only light source of this box world. What if we add some different light effects

1) to different destinations, like drama light for drama floor, and cyber light for ITP floor;

2) in different day or time, such as cool color in hot day, or warm color at night;

3) and music, like go disco when there's no one talk but lots of riders :P

would it be more like a magic pandora box that transport people to magic places? Would it be interesting?

This idea came from these two amazingly fun videos!

24h Light - Parallel City

This idea came from that we always can see the window light of someone in the far away building and feel their life from just that little window light, but we never see ourselves'. And also I have the wish that I can feel closer to my parent even I'm getting up in the morning in US and they are going to sleep in the evening in China. So If I can have a image that I can see their world and the light from their window, it may feel closer to them.

I tried to record a real 24 hours documentation bellow, but the video quality is so bad that we can't see any color of it.

So I made a fast forward one with a good camera (which can not do 24 hours video). It is way much better even it still lose some color effects.

Because of my bad time arrangement of this project, I made it 24 hours using delay, and the small window is lighting up and turn off by a fixed setting, which is not a smart way. 

However, what I really want to do is get the sunrise and sunset time of one country from web and calculate the time lapse of that. And the small window light is changing according to a real room, your own or some one you love in a specific country. 

I tried to use a light sensor to sense my room, but it's not accurate and sensitive as expected. the small window light will turn off anyway even I just turn off my floor lamp but have my desk lamp light. I also tried to use a camera to catch the light strength of my room and send it to Arduino, but the camera will adjust the focusing and light balance automatically, which will made the light level inaccurate, too.

There is another problem that I haven't work out is, I try to use a camera on raspberry Pi and transit the data to a web server, then make the Arduino on the lamp to get the data from the server wirelessly. Maybe I should do this one as a final project and solve all the problems.

Week07 - lamp for night-owl phone addict

The original idea of my lamp is playing with shadow. How ever, I failed to create a satisfied clear shadow when I was using a AC 15w led corn bulb. Maybe it's too bright... Then I had this alternative idea of a lamp for people who can't help playing his phone for a long time before sleep. At that moment, normal lamp is too bright to have a sleepy mood, and no light is too dark to protect eyes from screen. So I made this lamp.

I made this by cutting an led strip and re-soldering them as a matrix, and using 5mm fiber optic to hide the light source but create enough soft brightness in 3D dimension.

Because it has a quite bright top creating by fiber optic end, I also want to make this as a clock by changing the light up part and color. I planed to make it 12x12 which is more reasonable as a clock, but I don't have enough led and the fiber, so...

But since it changes brightness and color based on time of a day, maybe I should do the clock part for the next assignment.

Week05 - 24 hours time-lapse video

This time I recorded the video of my room ceiling, which I never pay attention to, and is not that fun. I just want to explore what makes light look like a natural sunlight, and maybe I can make a light project simulating sunlight for those rooms which don't have a good light view. 

Week02 - LED Candle

I call this candle painting because I made a candle in a painting frame and it casts reflection on a white canvas/paper.

I made the frame with wood pieces, applied a normal paper to the surface, and placed the round NeoPixel on the bottom of the frame horizontally.

Arduino Code:

#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>

const int neoPixelPin = 5;  // control pin
const int numPixels = 7;    // number of pixels

// set up strip:
Adafruit_NeoPixel strip = Adafruit_NeoPixel(numPixels, neoPixelPin, NEO_GRBW + NEO_KHZ800);

void setup() {
  strip.begin();        // initialize pixel strip
  strip.clear();        // turn all LEDs off;         // update strip

void loop() {
  for (int pixel = 0; pixel<numPixels; pixel++){
    if( pixel == 0)strip.setPixelColor(0,random(200,255),0,0,random(0,20));
    else {
      if( pixel == 1)strip.setPixelColor(1,0,0,random(50,150),random(0,20));
      else strip.setPixelColor(pixel, 255,80,0,random(0,255));
  };   // update the strip

Week01 - Interruptible LED fade

An LED fade test with Flex Sensor 4.5" taped on a A4 paper and Diffused RGB 10mm LED .

I'm trying to imitate the flare when you are using a hand fan near a candle.

Arduino code:

int FLEX_PIN = A0; 
int old = 0;
int R = 2;
int G = 3;
int B = 4;

void setup() 
  pinMode(FLEX_PIN, INPUT);
  pinMode(R, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(G, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(B, OUTPUT); 

void loop() 
  int flexADC = analogRead(FLEX_PIN);
  int inNumber = map(abs(flexADC-old),0,30,0,255);
  analogWrite(R, inNumber);
  analogWrite(G, inNumber);
  analogWrite(B, inNumber);
  old = flexADC;