24h Light - Parallel City

This idea came from that we always can see the window light of someone in the far away building and feel their life from just that little window light, but we never see ourselves'. And also I have the wish that I can feel closer to my parent even I'm getting up in the morning in US and they are going to sleep in the evening in China. So If I can have a image that I can see their world and the light from their window, it may feel closer to them.

I tried to record a real 24 hours documentation bellow, but the video quality is so bad that we can't see any color of it.

So I made a fast forward one with a good camera (which can not do 24 hours video). It is way much better even it still lose some color effects.

Because of my bad time arrangement of this project, I made it 24 hours using delay, and the small window is lighting up and turn off by a fixed setting, which is not a smart way. 

However, what I really want to do is get the sunrise and sunset time of one country from web and calculate the time lapse of that. And the small window light is changing according to a real room, your own or some one you love in a specific country. 

I tried to use a light sensor to sense my room, but it's not accurate and sensitive as expected. the small window light will turn off anyway even I just turn off my floor lamp but have my desk lamp light. I also tried to use a camera to catch the light strength of my room and send it to Arduino, but the camera will adjust the focusing and light balance automatically, which will made the light level inaccurate, too.

There is another problem that I haven't work out is, I try to use a camera on raspberry Pi and transit the data to a web server, then make the Arduino on the lamp to get the data from the server wirelessly. Maybe I should do this one as a final project and solve all the problems.