Week07 - lamp for night-owl phone addict

The original idea of my lamp is playing with shadow. How ever, I failed to create a satisfied clear shadow when I was using a AC 15w led corn bulb. Maybe it's too bright... Then I had this alternative idea of a lamp for people who can't help playing his phone for a long time before sleep. At that moment, normal lamp is too bright to have a sleepy mood, and no light is too dark to protect eyes from screen. So I made this lamp.

I made this by cutting an led strip and re-soldering them as a matrix, and using 5mm fiber optic to hide the light source but create enough soft brightness in 3D dimension.

Because it has a quite bright top creating by fiber optic end, I also want to make this as a clock by changing the light up part and color. I planed to make it 12x12 which is more reasonable as a clock, but I don't have enough led and the fiber, so...

But since it changes brightness and color based on time of a day, maybe I should do the clock part for the next assignment.