Midterm scene and final project storyboard

After I made the 3D model, I applied the animation on it and putted it into my scene.

Honestly I didn't spend too much time on this one, and I was focusing on figuring out a better story for our final project.

Then I drew this storyboard about "inappropriate love", that a little girl gets a plant, which is the user of VR headset, from her Mom, takes good care of it, hopes it will flower next spring. However, she loves it too much, waters it too much, keeps it too warm. The plant gradually died, and the little girl gets a new nice flower anyway. I hope people think about their ways of "love" after it.

It includes one character and several scenes of seasons and bedroom, can be experienced with water, heat, vibration, wind and smell . But I'm not sure it is too complicate or not.