Project proposal - indoor garden


One thing that makes me frustrated is, I love plants so I used to have 7, but 5 of them died in half an year. Now I just have 2, but I'm pretty sure they will die soon because I always forget to water them, and I never do fertilization, you know, life is busy...

Below are the instructions following with each plant when I buy them. They are detailed and useful, but I just don't read them, or forget them quickly after reading.

I watched lots of videos about future food this week, BBC, TED, etc. Most of them mentioned growing food in city, in office building, even in our home. But gardening is not easy, how can I grow my own food for daily needs when I can not even take good care of several plants. Of course, smart garden is the solution. Then I did some exploration.

These are the most likely things we can find to help grow plant easier. They all follow a certain type of design and only deal with limited type of plants. As you see in those instructions before, even just two small plants, they ask totally different light and water. I don't know too mach about edible plant, but I believe they are more complicate when involving flower and fruit.

So I decided to make a project about indoor garden, even lots of people already done it before. For me, I want this project be really useful, more beautiful/artistic, flexible for combining more types of plants as a whole system, and smart enough so that plants have higher survival rate with least care. I hope it is especially good for busy people who love green and nature but living with less sunshine and fresh air, and not only for food, but also for pleasure and relax.


The main technology will cover Arduino, Raspberry Pi, light design, mechanism, engineering, fabrication and even mobile application. They are all ITP learnable and good for my own skill building.