Some rough ideas about food problems

After I did some readings, I realized most of the projects are focusing on growing food, more food, growing it somewhere else, in shorter period or without human hardworking. We think we need more food when we are throwing half of them away. I remember once I went to a dessert shop beside Bryant Park with my friend at 8pm and wanted to buy a cake. Then the woman in the shop just told us they are closed and threw a brand new cake just in front of us! It made me shock. There are some reasons causing food wast I think:1) Imprecise estimation of food need, both from grocery and ourselves. 2)Uncertainty of the time food goes bad/rotten. 3)Imperfect appearance or taste. 

So, how about we do something to prevent food from rotting? I did some research and found out that honey is the only food that does not spoil while in an edible state. For me, honey equals to sugar. According to this, can we make sweet food combine with honey so that they can stay fresh for a significantly longer time?

Then if we can not, how about we do something to tell people more precisely about when the food will be bad enough to eat so that people can organize their purchase more reasonable?

In the worst situation that we can not do either, can we make something that can transform the bad food to something we need everyday, such as paper or air filter, so that we can save something else?

There’s another problem I noticed about food is people’s disorder of eating. Everyone want to be thinner and healthier by control their digest of food, however most of them just can not fighting with the desire of eating. So can we do something on the food to generate the signal of satisfy in our brain?