Week02 - Try "The lab" and build a scene in Unreal

About "The Lab"

This week I played “The Lab” from steam store, and I can touch something in the VR world now!

Things I like:

1. Sound is so important, even just about the wind. I feel disconnected immediately if I lose the headphone.
2. Vibration makes every thing feel real and amazing. 
3. Visions I can’t have in normal life or movie, such as standing in the middle of the universe and playing with the planets, feels more interesting.

 Things I don’t like:

1. I still can not see myself. I’m a no foot, no hand, no voice and no shadow camera with two handsets floating in the air.
2. I have to spend some time to figure out “what I can do” and “how to play” in each of the games/scenes. 
3. Some time I want to make collision of two objects in my hand, or smash them. But I can’t. There are too many possibilities in real life with our common sense, but we usually get stuck in VR because of the creator’s settings.

Build a scene - The City Square