what if all foods are cubes

This time, I tried to think in a different way.

This picture comes from Lernert & Sander. I just desperately love it. Cube is a magic shape for me. It always looks same no matter how you place it, and is stackable without thinking about how.

Like I said in last post, food waste is the problem I want to dig more and do something about. So what if, in an extremely impossible way, all of our foods are in a cube shape. Cube vegetable, cube meat, cube fruit, cube salt just like cube sugar. Then we can pack, transport, stock them with the least damage and space waste, and buy, cut, cook, eat them with easiest estimation and calculation of quantity. Imaging our daily life are "the maximum number of food I can eat in one meal is 2 medium cubes, I need 6 cubes one day, so I can buy 40 cubes of food for this week.", "The recipe said I need 2 small cubes of egg and 1 small cube of spinach...", etc. According to this cube world, we have less strange shape ugly food and imprecise estimation of food need, and can build cutting machine with international cube standard.

Then, how about try to make everything cube? I know someone in China and Japan already doing this, like this cube watermelon. And there is some thing can make boiled egg cube. Since we have our little garden in floor, I will try to grow vegetables in cube!