Assignment 4 - Data Critique

I did this assignment as a conceptual project.


Data collection becomes a tool for us to know ourselves today. We post blogs, twitters, instagrams. We took hundreds of selfies. We become more forgetful about true memories but remember forever with self-tracking data.  Would we understand ourselves better by going over all of our past post again? Are they representing the real us? Are we modifying our lives and characters by polished words and pictures? Are we who we are on social media?

For these questions, I was thinking about hosting an event or party, asking people wearing a mask generated by their selfies on social media, and let them hangout with friends and strangers.




There are two options to generate the mask after people registered the event and sent their social media account.

1) Choose the selfie which got the most likes, and use a 3D Face Reconstruction tool to make it.

2) Morph all the selfies together as one face, which has more problem about merging different face angles, then use 3D Face Reconstruction tool

Then make the mask with colored 3D printing and give it to the person before the event.