Promotional video - week 1

Stephanie, Jade, and I as a team, worked out our first concept of our video project this week.

Description of the product

- Summerized by Stephanie.

The Memory Pill
What if you could buy someone’s memory? Or record every emotion you felt and play it back exactly as it was? Would you want to? 
The Memory Pill temporarily alters the biological formation and experience of memories. It operates in two states: record or experience. When taking a blank pill, users record all that they experience for 24 hours. Emerging from their belly button, the 24 hours are physicalized into a memory growth . Upon removal of the physical growth, it is uploaded to the Universal Memory Bank  and reconstituted into an experience pill.  Browsing the Universal Memory Bank, individuals can download, print and then ingest the experience pill of someone else, or from their own catalogue of uploaded memories. But while the potential experiences of an individual have now exploded, what does it meant to share memories? How can multiple people experience a moment from a single point of view? How is the “memory” reinterpreted? Would this enable ‘true’ empathy? Is empathy ever possible—or do we only attempt to empathize and are completely able? Swallow and find out.


- Drew by Yuan (ACT 1) and Jade (ACT 2).