Sound story: Bloodchild - Gan's emotion room

This sound story is based on the narrator - Gan's emotion change. The listener should imagine walking into a room which is showing Gan's feelings changed with timeline.

We recorded most parts of the sounds from our daily lives, except the gun shot, glass smashing, women screaming, and background music.

Dianna and I discussed the story and both brought out the first idea about what we want to tell in the sound. The first agreement was making a one piece song with multi layers to express the reader's thinking - it is a horrified disgusting alien story, but with some kind of warm family love in it. But this plan would make the sound too short and has no arc in it. So we finally decided to use Gan's shifting emotion to construct the sound's structure.

Then we decided what kind of sounds we needed in each part - the happy childhood with little awkward background, the frightened scary feeling about giving birth, the struggled denial and fighting with new informations, and the last grown-up accepting with little sad. We focused on finding and recording matching sound in our daily life separately for 4 days. I chose to walk from WTC to NYU, expecting to find some surprises, and I did find some. For example, I accidentally got the awkward sound coming from the escalator's rub handrail in a mall of WTC, the carousel music and rain drop at the playground of my living community, and the the underground train noise on the street, etc. The serendipity is, I also got a traditional chorus of indians from my neighborhood and two country musics from Washington Square. How beautiful are they!

Dianna and I both wanted to try editing, so we decided to do our own sound stories and put them together at the end. I found a guitar album in my old hard drive by chance, and solved the music searching problem. I tried not only to cut and connect the guitar song to an ideal duration, but also to edit the recorded natural sound to fit the rhythm of each background music. Dianna also got some amazing effects such as the bubble sound. We cut and combined the good parts from each of our works, and dowloaded some necessary sound pieces from internet, the women screaming, the gun short, etc.

I truly enjoyed this assignment, because I found so many beautiful things from my normal life, and this is the first time I used english to discuss serious subject with partner from a different country. In order to understand each other better, you need to listen, guess, and reconfirm everything patiently. It is hard, but fun.

If I had a second time to do the project, I would do it with more details by adding more interesting sounds and effects.