Read, watch and audio walk

1. About plagiarism

Reading: The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism

watching: Embrace the Remix


Both the article and the video are talking about the point that plagiarism is not only a necessary but a harmless way to create new arts. The progress of useful arts is based on a huge database inherited and enriched by all the participators before. The process we using this database, even we may not realize, happens everyday when we make something new, which can be called plagiarism.The truth that“ creativity comes from without, not from within. We are not self-made, we are dependent” is a translated form of the concept that if we don’t have this database, there will be no more new arts. So the intensifying resistance of plagiarism today will prevent the appearance of new ideas, then slowdown the enrichment of the database, finally hurt the prosperous of human culture. So the activities, which are sharing, giving things away as gifts, making connections, and considering the plagiarizer as a fan and a friend, will not only continuously contribute to the society, but also make yourself happy.


But plagiarism becomes a problem today is because the situation in the real world is very complicated. The most intolerant case is someone steals my whole work then trades it, without any single change, for fame and fortunes, which neither makes contributions nor communications. As my opinion, this should be judged by publics and laws. The other case that involves plagiarizing my work but adding some new ideas into it and making it a sort of a different thing, can be tolerated and even encouraged because of the exchange of informations and the inspired connections between these two.


I can really understand the worries of today’s creators, and their unfair feeling when their efforts get nothing but help other people win. Even I know in some ways plagiarism is not as evil as it sounds like, I still want to respect and try entitled every name I know whose work are clearly being used in mine.


2. Audio walk: Her Long Black Hair

I have to confess that I did not actually walk in Central Park, since I made my schedule a total mess last week. I listened the whole album in the midnight, sitting beside my desk, facing the river view of Newport, imaging that I was walking in the park (Yes I can do that because I spent lots of time there in August). As a result, this album can be the one of the most inspired things I’ve known since I got to NY. 


First of all, It makes this amazing feeling of space-time disorder. When I was standing in the space, but hearing the trumpets and claps, so real, coming out from the same location 40 years ago; when I made saliva on my cheek, just like the speaker said, and felt the tiny winter cold in September; when I heard about the lively children, singers, whispers and phone talking passing by, but I saw nothing but trees and ground, I felt such a confusion that I was experiencing two different timelines at the same time. I think this is a great way to tell the history and provoke empathy, especially when you even hold an old photo helping you understand the old scene. 


Also, there are some special sound effects in the tracks that create new feelings that I never experienced. For instant, the slow motion sound with my action of walking backward, and the polar bear talking about his own story. They never happened in the real world, but they are so real in the sound, making me felt like I was in a movie or I had this ability of hearing animals’ thoughts.


Another fantastic thing is, this “fake” sound walk experience make me stunning about human’s ability of distinguishing subtle sounds and quickly reconnecting the sound to personal memories. When I closed my eyes, I could even tell when the speaker was walking on what kind of ground or material, which direction she went or passed, and how fast things went away next to me.


The last thing is, some narrative skills are also interesting. When the speaker was talking about the story of the red-coat-girl photo, a man suddenly interrupted and started to talk about his memories about his mother which provoked by this photo. So there are 4 layers: me in the park listening, the speaker in the park recording, the red-coat-girl in the park taken this photo, and also the story of the man’s mother. The depth of informations is fantastic. There is another following part is: A song appears instead of the real world natural sound before. I guessed that it was trying to tell that the speaker was wandering in her feelings and memories, and this song was the sound inside her mind at that moment.


The audio walk makes me realized the functions, powers, and creativities of sound, and also give me a new example of story telling. When sound enlarges peoples’ feelings, the world is not only 3 dimensions, but way more richer with crossover things from memories and imaginations.

Notes when I was listening

Notes when I was listening