Final project proposal - The crowd

When I showed my The Nobody to my friends, some of them said "Oh, cute!", some of them said "It's a little creepy...", and some of them said "I think it's cute at first sight,but scary after keeping watching it for couple minutes." This made me want to do this concept more because people get different, even polarized, feelings and emotions,  with this same one simple object. 

My first idea is making 50 Nobodys turning their head to follow a light spot which controlled by a user. Then I did the playtesting.


But at the playtesting, some peers give me the opinion that if these little guys just turning their head to follow the people passing by, it's more nature and reasonable. 

I will keep thinking and testing to decide the interaction way.

For now, the problems I need to deal with are

1) Running lots of servos.

2) Making lots of characters.

3) Writing code for turning angles.

3) Find a better way of assembling.