Materials: Brick Story

The final product of this week below.


1. Dig a hole on a brick

I picked a brick from a construction site near my home and dig a hole on it using the pointed end of a hammer, then painted its side part white.. In my design, the LED supposed to be flash like a wave and had some color change effect. But it was difficult than I thought to dig a deep hole for Arduino board on a brick. But after that I knew there's a kind of drill bits can do that efficiently...

2. Pouring wax

The hole was a irregular shape and I wanted to make the surface half translucent like a water. So I picked colored wax after thinking about some modeling materials. If I poured wax directly into the brick, I would never pull it off, so I used cling film as a isolator. In order to save some spaces to LED, I put some beans under the cling film to occupy the space.

I water heated the wax to liquid and poured it by couple times.

3. Make a little character

I hand-maded the character with clay, baked it to dry, and refined the appearance.

4. Combine elements

I drilled a hole for the character's legs and refilled some wax to fit the shape. The character can help user lift the wax lake.


1. The wax is not translucent enough to let people see the brick texture under it, which is the main reason I chose brick to do this. And it's very fragile since the edge of the wax lake is thin. But I haven't found another material to replace it.

2. The brick is not rough enough to get the strong contrast feeling between materials. Seems like it is made by concrete which make it clean and hard to drill.

3. The way that I put the LED in it is super dumb!