Plan A:

I tried to build a box for my team filming project in video&sound class, and I drew a sketch, bought a black 12cm*12cm project box, a white spray paint to change the box's color, and some plastic standoffs.


1) I found out the standoff couldn't match the hole on the corner of the box, so I drilled the holes bigger, but not fitting well.

2) The design of acrylic top was totally wrong. I didn't find a good solution to make a joint for the cover.

3) Painting is so hard! I sprayed too many layers on the box and couldn't know when it would dry. Then I got a finger printed scratched bumped box that I had to discard it. (It's so depressing everything seems wrong that I forgot documentation, sorry.)

Plan B:

The final enclosure below.

First I laser cut the acrylic sheet to compose the top part.



The acrylic got so mach stains, and even more next morning. I used a gel glue which gave me a good control, but still got this stain mass.

The bottom part of the enclosure is a firm paper box of my beats ear pod. I putted some cardboard supporting in it, and manually drilled two holes for USB and DC plug.  

Coming soon:

Because of delivery delay, I haven't got my buttons and toggles now. I will keep updating this blog.