The Nobody

Yes, it got a name, Nobody! This week I made him move a little.

This idea comes from the scene that when I see the moment someone is really focusing on or obsessing with his own work, I just super want to say "Hi" or disturb him, and see his reaction...


1. Coding and testing

2. Making the scene

I used clay again to make the Nobody, modeling it with a thick wire in the body and a thin long wire in the head which let it can pass through the body hole. Then I made the floor, desk, chair,and laptop with cardboards. The laptop had a LED in it trying to make it like a real computer screen. (Standoffs are really useful and save me lots of time on all these legs.)

3. Connecting with Arduino

This is a simple circuit with one microphone sound sensor, a servo motor, and a LED. I decided the servo's position first based on the Nobody, then just roughly collected all other parts into the under layer.

4. Assembling

I'm so lucky that I bought these two boxes separately in Container Store and they were perfectly matched! It saved me bunch of time that I just needed to focus on the inner part.


1) I haven't figured out how to sense the knocking direction, and how to dynamically sense the default decibel when there's nothing happen.

2)The head moving is not smooth enough.

3) I didn't mount the servo on anything. Because the iron wire passing through the body was not technically straight, the head is moving better when I let the servo move with it a little. It must had a better way than iron wire.

4) There is no switch! Since I don't want people see the power supplier so I used batteries placed in the box, which made me confused about how to make a switch...